[PATCH] Add support for USB Keyboard attached to UHCI

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Aaron Young wrote:

Hi Aaron and Konstantin,

>   I guess I'm good with it. Couple of nits:
> 1. The routine kdb_uhci_keyboard_urb() is really not uhci specific
>    and so could be renamed to simply kdb_keyboard_urb(). Or

We now have three copies of kdb_usb_kdbs[], kdb_usb_keycode[], and

We need separate kdb_uhci_keyboard_urb() because we have  three arch-
dependent kdb_usb_kbds[]. My brief examination seems to indicate
they are the same. Do we need to have arch-depedent kdb_usb_kbds[]?
Also, do we need three copies of kdb_usb_keycode[]?

 - jay

>    kdb_get_urb() or kdb_get_urb_index() perhaps to be more descriptive.
>    kdb_uhci_keyboard_urb() sounds like it should return a BOOLEAN.
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