[PATCH] Add support for USB Keyboard attached to UHCI

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Aaron Young wrote:
>   I guess I'm good with it. Couple of nits:
> 1. The routine kdb_uhci_keyboard_urb() is really not uhci specific
>    and so could be renamed to simply kdb_keyboard_urb(). Or
>    kdb_get_urb() or kdb_get_urb_index() perhaps to be more descriptive.
>    kdb_uhci_keyboard_urb() sounds like it should return a BOOLEAN.
> 2. I don't understand this comment and code:
>> +             /* We don't know exactly if UHCI KDB QH was allocated,
>> +              * so if kdb_usb_keyboard_detach(hid_inurb) failed
>> +              * kdb_usb_keyboard_detach(kdb_urb) should be called.
>> +              */
>> +             kdb_usb_keyboard_detach(hid_inurb);
>> +             kdb_usb_keyboard_detach(kdb_urb);
>    I might not be following the diffs properly, but it seems like you
>    should only be calling kdb_usb_keyboard_detach() for urbs which have
>    already been attached via kdb_usb_keyboard_attach(). Is this the case?
>   Once Jay gets all these patches integrated, I'll have to go
>   back and retest OHCI and EHCI (on ia64) to make sure things still
>   work okay. Jay, at this point, since there are several patches now
>   built on top of the EHCI patch(es), I think it would be best to take
>   the EHCI patch(es) and the UHCI patches. We can fix any bugs (if any) in
>   subsequent patches. IF we were to redo the EHCI patches now (because of
>   bugs or whatever), it could render these dependent patches as needing to
>   be redone too. JMO...

I uploaded the EHCI patch and UHCI patch to the download area at
oss.sgi.com for those who want to explore USB ehci and uhci support
in kdb.

These two files can be applied on top of the kdb 2.6.24-rc4 patchset.

Note that the ehci patch should be applied first.

 - The ehci patch has not been tested on x86_64 nor i386 platforms.
 - The uhci patch will have compilation and link errors on ia64.

Please feedback, success or failure, to this list.

 - jay

>   -Aaron
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