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NASAJPL eCards for Your Valentine

Title: NASAJPL eCards for Your Valentine

NASAJPL eCards for Your Valentine

Love Comet-O-Meter Hundreds declared their love this weekend by sending NASAJPL comet Valentines, raising our "Love Comet-O-Meter" to its half-way point: "thrusters burning."

So what better time to send it all the way to its goal of "cometary coma" than Valentine's Day itself and the night NASA's Stardust spacecraft makes its encounter with comet Tempel 1? All you have to do is visit http://bit.ly/g8coxE, pick your favorite card design, enter your and the recipient's email address and voila! Card sent. Love declared. (Email addresses are not retained by NASAJPL.)

Find even more ways to declare your love through Twitter, Facebook and text message at http://bit.ly/g8coxE and learn more about tonight's big comet encounter!


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