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Climate Day and Web Site for Teachers and Kids

Title: Climate Day and Web Site for Teachers and Kids

Climate Day and Web Site for Teachers and Kids

This is a feature from the NASA/JPL Education Office.

02.25.10 -- JPL is co-sponsoring Climate Day 2010, a two-day event that will feature lectures and demonstrations by scientists, a Climate Jeopardy competition, career information and teacher resources. The event will be held from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. on Friday, March 26 (for students and educators, grades 6 - 12) and Saturday, March 27 (for the general public) at the Pasadena Convention Center. Pre-registration is required to attend on Friday.

More details about Climate Day and an online pre-registration form can be found at http://climate.nasa.gov/ClimateDay/ .

NASA also recently unveiled Climate Kids, a Web site that targets students in grades 4 - 6. The site answers the "Big Questions" about global climate change using simple illustrations, humor, interactivity, and age-appropriate language. A collection of Earth-science-related games offers such experiences as "Wild Weather Adventure" and "Missions to Planet Earth." A Green Careers section profiles real people doing jobs that help slow climate change.

Visit Climate Kids at http://climate.nasa.gov/kids .

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