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That's actually more of a generic SCSI question than an iSCSI question, but anyhow ...

... if READ CAPACITY (10) doesn't work, try READ CAPACITY (16) [opcode 0x9E, service action 0x10].

OTOH, if READ CAPACITY (10) results in a Check Condition for invalid opcode, the target that issued that CC does not comply with the SCSI standards, as support for READ CAPACITY (10) is mandatory for block devices in both the SBC-2 standard and all drafts of the in-progress SBC-3 standard.

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> Hi,
> Is this list available for generic iSCSI questions?
> If so: some (linux iscsi target and window iStorageSErver) respond with
> valid data to Read Capacity(10) SCSI 0x25 command while for example
> nexenta store (an opensolaris system) responds with Check Condition.
> So I guess this is not the common way of determing the sector size and
> size of the device.
> Which command should I use for this?
> Thanks.
> Folkert van Heusden
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