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Re: STORM BOF: Presentations posted


Here are the details on that one:

  This is useful for a target appliance which serves a large number of
  concurrent sessions with unsolicited data and adjusts the transport
  windows on a dynamic basis. In particular, inactive sessions (i.e.,
  those which have not issued any SCSI commands for a reasonable time)
  may have their window reduced to reassign resources to the active

  One method is as follows. The target issues an Asynchronous Message - 
  "target requests parameter negotiation" to provoke the initiator into
  consuming a command. The target responds to the Text request with an
  empty Text response and repeats the procedure until the window has
  been reduced to the desired level.

If this is considered important ("this is not a problem in practice"
opinions are welcome), there are obvious opportunities for improvement.


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> David,
> On your slides:
> Page 7 mentions "CmdSN window size reduction".  Could you elaborate?
>      paul
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