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STORM BOF: Presentations posted

The presentations for the STORM BOF on Thursday are now
posted at:


Scroll that page down to find the STORM BOF in the
Transport Area.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend the BOF in person and
think that a WG should be formed, please say so on the list.

My advice is that if you believe that any of the proposed
work should be done, then a WG is a *very good* idea because
a WG enables IETF's "rough consensus" techniques to be
applied (ensures work won't bog down in design issues).

I've done a "brain dump" into the main slide set - there
are a number of small items listed on the slides that have
been pointed out to me as worthy of attention.

One new item that I want to call attention to is that once
upon a time (2000), an IP Protocol Number was allocated for
what I believe to have been a precursor to the FCIP protocol.
FCIP does not use its own IP Protocol Number because it
uses TCP.  It would be a "good thing" for the new STORM WG
to investigate whether this number is actually unused and
hence can be returned to IANA for reassignment (these
numbers are a scarce resource).

David L. Black, Distinguished Engineer
EMC Corporation, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
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