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Calculating the VA in iSER header

We're trying to understand what should be the write VA (tagged offset)
in the iSER header for WRITE commands. If unsolicited data is to be
sent, should the VA be the original VA or should it be original VA +



FirstBurstLength = 1000

Base address of the registered buffer = 0

Now, what should be the VA in the iSER header? 0 or 1000?

We read the following paragraph in the iSER spec, but didn't get an
answer from there:

* If there is solicited data to be transferred for the SCSI write or
bidirectional command, as indicated by the Expected Data Transfer
Length in the SCSI Command PDU exceeding the value of
UnsolicitedDataSize, the iSER layer at the initiator MUST do the

a. It MUST allocate a Write STag for the I/O Buffer defined by
the qualifier DataDescriptorOut. The DataDescriptorOut
describes the I/O buffer starting with the immediate
unsolicited data (if any), followed by the non-immediate
unsolicited data (if any) and solicited data. This means
that the BufferOffset for the SCSI Data-out for this
command is equal to the TO. This implies that a zero TO
for this STag points to the beginning of this I/O Buffer.




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