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rationale to send PDUs in increasing CmdSn on single connection

RFC 3720, section says 

"On any connection, the iSCSI initiator MUST send the
commands in increasing order of CmdSN, except for
commands that are retransmitted due to digest error
recovery and connection recovery. "

(Assuming Single TCP connection ISCSI session)

1. I interpret above statement as 
SCSI layer gives SCSI commands to the ISCSI stack in
the order of Cmd-1 and Cmd-2. 
Cmd-1 will have CmdSn = 10.
Cmd-2 will have CmdSn = 11.
ISCSI stack CAN send PDUs to the TCP layer in
following order ONLY.
PDU-1 with Cmd-1.
PDU-2 with Cmd-2.

Is this correct interpretation?

2. On a SINGLE connection can ISCSI stack send the 
PDU-1 with Cmd-2 followed by 
PDU-2 with Cmd-1?

Assuming the answer of the question #2 is No,

3. If there are multiple connections in a session then
command MAY any way reach out of order. And targets
need to wait for the previous expected commands.

So targets will receive out of order ISCSI PDUs from
the TCP layer and ISCSI stack handles them.

So then why initiators have restriction of sending
command in the increasing order of CmdSn on SINGLE TCP

Is it to simplify the implementation of targets
supporting only single TCP connection?

Parav Pandit

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