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IG clarifications: Login Response & Reject reason codes


I received some offline feedback on the implementers' guide draft from  a few reviewers who preferred to be anonymous.  Please review & comment.

1) RFC 3720 does not explicitly call out that there cannot be more than one outstanding Login-Response PDU on one iSCSI connection at any given time (although the C-bit text indirectly implies it).

Section 10.10 on Text Request PDU (which should cover Login Request PDU semantics as well) says: "An initiator MUST have at most one outstanding Text Request on a connection at any given time."  Essentially, an analog for Login/Text Response is missing (or so it seems).

2) RFC 3720 does not specify the use case for Reject reason code "Task in progress" (0x07).

I vaguely recall we put in this reason code for task reassignment attempts while a task is in progress, but then we subsequently added a TMF response reason code for that case (Julian?).  So I'm not sure if reason code 0x07 is used by implementations any longer.  

The other non-obvious case is that of a "negotiation reset" Reject reason code.  What is this used for by implementations, if at all?  If I don't hear any objections, I will deprecate these two reason codes.


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