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End of WG Last Call on NodeArchitecture Key changes

The WG Last Call has ended on the following:

> This is an IP Storage (ips) Working Group Last Call on the following
> changes in the direction and content of the NodeArchitecture 
> Key draft:
> 	(1) Publish the draft as a Proposed Standard RFC instead of
> 		as an Informational RFC.
> 	(2) Add language to the draft that updates RFC 3720 to allow
> 		experimental and standards track RFCs in addition to
> 		informational RFCs for X# negotiation keys, Y# digest
> 		formats, and Z# authentication methods.
> This is a WG Last Call on direction only.  Actual text to realize
> change (2) will be provided later [translation: I don't want to invest
> the time in writing it if it's not going to be used ;-) ].

As WG chair, I believe the rough consensus of the WG (and it is a bit
rough in part) is to proceed with items (1) and (2), and to have
the NodeArchitecture key remain as an X# key.

I will provide Dave W. with appropriate text for item (2) - this is
not a "clarification" - it is an actual change to requirements in RFC
3720 for which "MUST" was used.  Expect to see a revised draft in the
next week or two.

David L. Black, Senior Technologist
EMC Corporation, 176 South St., Hopkinton, MA  01748
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