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RE: DRAFT Montreal minutes - X#NodeArchitecture comments

Hi Ken,

Can you please point me to RFC 3720 text that says
NotUnderstood is always an error? 

The closest I can find is in section 5.2, page 55:

"All keys in this document, except for the X extension
formats, MUST be supported by iSCSI initiators and
targets when used as specified here. If used as
specified, these keys MUST NOT be answered with

AFAICT, this is in fact suggesting the opposite..



--- Paul Koning <pkoning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >>>>> "Ken" == Ken Sandars <Sandars> writes:
>  Ken> Hi Paul, In [RFC3720] it is ALWAYS an error
> when the value of a
>  Ken> declared key is "NotUnderstood". Hence this
> document needs to
>  Ken> state the (slightly) altered processing of
> this key.
> Actually, what we have here is a 3720 bug.  If a new
> key is
> declarative, an old implementation does not know
> that and will (or
> may?) treat it as a negotiated key, and reply with
> NotUnderstood.
> That case is not specific to X#NodeArchitecture.  So
> it shouldn't be
> treated as a special case there; instead it should
> be noted as a
> bugfix to 3720.
> The fix is easy: a "NotUnderstood" value for a
> declarative key is
> ignored.  
> 	  paul
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