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Re: Re-sending a command

Sorry, I am catching up late on this thread.

LU reset actually does not by itself plug the holes
since it is not a target-scoped request like warm &
cold resets.  

OTOH, as Ken illustrated in his example, whenever a
TMF Response with an ExpCmdSN larger than the
timed-out command is sent by the target, the timed-out
command is implicitly acknowledged and the left edge
of the CmdSN window has advanced beyond that of
timed-out command.  RFC 3720 is sufficiently explicit
on that point.


--- Julian Satran <Julian_Satran@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Eddy,
> The LU reset "plugs the holes" in command sequence
> and the old CmdSN 
> should not be used (it is definitely an initiator
> bug). If you have seen 
> it Mallikarjun may want to mention that dropping the
> command is the 
> expected behavior of the target after all the task
> management commands 
> that "plug the holes" in the implementation guide.
> Julo
> "Eddy Quicksall"
> <eddy_quicksall_iVivity_iSCSI@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
> 10/08/06 01:34
> To
> <ips@xxxxxxxx>
> cc
> Amit Kumar <Amit_Kumar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject
>  Re-sending a command
> It was brought to my attention that one initiator
> being tested will 
> re-issue a "timed out" command using the same CmdSN
> after it has issued a 
> LU Reset. When this happens the command is dropped.
> Note that this is on a 
> single connection session.
> I'm wondering if this could be an initiator bug or
> if there is a case 
> where it is actually valid (in the report I have I
> don't know if the 
> initiator also reissued the command with a valid
> CmdSN or not).
> Does anyone know?
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