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Re: designated a NIC interface for ISCI initiator

On Mon, May 14 2007, at 11:24:05 -0500, Mike Christie wrote:

> Raj Singh wrote:
> >        I am trying to use linux-iscsi initiator on red hat 3 to connect a
> > SAN.  I would like to use my secondary NIC interface for iscsi traffic. 
> > Any
> > help will be appericated.

> This is not supported in most linux-iscsi releases. There may have been
> some older developement releases for the 2.4 kernel where it was
> attempted but the code looks like it did not make it to the stable
> releases. I am not sure about the history. I am just looking at the code.

Is that really the case?  I've got two NICs in my linux box, too, and
all iSCSI traffic is sent through the second interface after I set its
address in iscsi.conf using the "Address=..." statement.  (Just the way
I mentioned a month ago.)  Am I just being lucky?  I'm using version
4:0.2.1 by the way.


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