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Re: Authentication problems with different discovery and target credentials

Gregory Youngblood wrote:
> I'm using CentOS 4.4 and the included linux-iscsi initiator (4.0.3).
> I have it working for the most part. I am able to connect to targets without any authentication, and if some cases if the discovery and target authentication are identical. However, if discovery uses one username/password and the target uses different credentials, then the initiator fails to connect, ending with the messages:
> Login failed to authenticate with target
> discovery login to rejected: initiator error (02/01), non-retryable, giving up
> This is fine if the target I am connecting to is another Linux system where I can control these details, however I'm trying to connect with an HP MSA1510i, which so far is failing to work. Of course, Windows with the iSCSI 2.0 from Microsoft is working perfectly, using different discovery and target credentials, connecting to either the MSA1510i or the Linux iSCSI targets.
> So, assuming you need to connect to a target that requires credentials for discovery and a second set of credentials for the targets, how would the config file look? Or, is that even support by this revision of the initiator? 

I do not think this is possible with linux-iscsi. You might be able to
do this:


The above line will set the CHAP settings for that discovery address and
targets discovered from it.


But for many other values if you do something like the above, it will
override global settings for that specific target.

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