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iscsi questions on netapp filer


i'm testing iSCSI access on a Netapp Filer from Redhat/Centos 4 to use
with a Sybase ASE database and i have few questions:
- consistent dev path
from iscsi-initiator-utils-, there are two ways to ensure to
get same pathnames between restart: udev or UUID & Label.
the former is for raw devices, the latter, more for filesystem, right ?
i didn't find howto to setup these.
some links i found
	=> don't know if this udev stuff will work for centos4
	=> p24: rhel4 has a too old udev, so what ...

- if the previous problem is solved, what is the preferred way to
connect with databases
* raw devices on iscsi devices
* raw devices on LVM on iscsi devices
* fs on LVM on iscsi devices
i think the first seems the best for perf, but to test.

- has anyone on the list, test Sybase on iSCSI or use it in production.
advices ?
one question on this setup, how does the database server react if
network link is broken.



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