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Re: iSCSI Enterprise Target synchronization issue

As requested here's a summary of our problem with the solutions offered here.

Ok here we go. 
We are trying to install an Oracle 10g release 2 RAC. But because we are on
a limited budget we can't afford a SAN/NAS device, so we had to start
improvising. The Oracle Rac installation needs an IP addressable shared
storage device. We tried several software solutions and ended up with the
iSCSI Enterprise Target software.
We use Red Hat Enterprise 4, so we used version 0.4.5 of iSCSI Target. We
had some problems updating our kernel so we are still at and thus
are limited to 0.4.5
The goal was to install Oracle on 2 nodes and use 1 extra node as shared
storage for database files and cluster files. Afterwards we can always
extend the RAC to 3 or more nodes.

Problem & solutions: 
First of all we didn't use a cluster file system on the shared storage. We
were still at ext3 so we switched to ocfs2. On ext3 we had synchonization
problems. Changes made by one node weren't seen by the other unless he
remounted the storage. This was solved by using ocfs2. (mounting with -o
datavolume option)
We made 2 large 260GB partitions and one smaller 14GB one on the shared
We installed the iSCSI Target on the shared storage, as well as the ocfs2
This caused kernel panics on all connected nodes. So only install the ocfs2
software on the oracle nodes and not on the storage device.
We used the default Red Hat iSCSI Initiators.
This configuration runs fine. We only have a problem when we shut down the
shared storage first before the Oracle nodes. When you do this all conncted
nodes crash with kernel panics. Dunno what is causing this but it may
already be fixed in later releases.
We afterwards switched the 2 large ocfs2 partitions to NFS because we read
about some problems between ocfs2 and oracle 10g R2.

Many thanks to all the people that helped us out here.
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