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Re: After discovery, how do I create sessions?

Marc Singer wrote:
I'm using the iscsi-tcp module in linux- and the
linux-iscsi- user space tools.  The targets are on a
third-party iSCSI device used as an archiver and tape backup system.
I think that this device may be running BSD.

Discovery seems to work:

 # iscsiadm -m discovery --type sendtargets --portal=
 [027515],1 eui.000b560000004285
 [027516],1 eui.000b560000004286

 # iscsiadm -m node
 [027515],1 eui.000b560000004285
 [027516],1 eui.000b560000004286

After this, you should do the login command:

iscsiadm -m node -r 027515 -l
iscsiadm -m node -r 027516 -l

or you could jsut do:

iscsiadm -m discovery --type sendtargets --portal= -l

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