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Re: ISCSI Device Recovery after failure.

Brian Kerhin wrote:

I need to know how to make a device usable again after it's failed.

I have an iscsi-target that I unplug the Ethernet card to. I then run
iscsi-ls and after 5 seconds (my time out) the device shows it's

When I plug the target back in the initiator finds the target, says the
session is "ESTABLISHED" in iscsi-ls and the state shows "running" in:

cat /sys/class/iscsi_host/host3/device/target3\:0\:0/3\:0\:0\:0/state
Yet when I run:
fdisk /dev/sda (the device was originally running on sda and iscsi-ls shows it's device
to be sda) the system says there is no sda.

In this dir

is there a "block" symlink that points to sda and make sure there is then a /dev node for sda.

Is there any /var/log/messages output?

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