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recommended iscsi implementation for 2.6.13+ kernels


I'm trying to determine what is the recommended iscsi implementation/version 
for recent 2.6.13+ kernels. Long story short:

- I've been experiencing kernel panics with the latest open-iscsi release and 
lockups with the latest svn. 
- latest production linux-iscsi release for 2.6.x kernels  - 4.0.2 doesn't 
compile on 2.6.13+
- latest development linux-iscsi release for 2.6.x kernels - 5.0.3 doesn't 
compile on 2.6.13+

By compile, I mean without hunting for patches scattered all over the mailing 
list, and so on.

Before I start further debugging the problems I'm seeing, I would like to 
start of from a 'recommended setup'. That brings me to a simple question, 
that doesn't seem to be answered anywhere: what should you use with any 
recent 2.6.x kernels?

The last fairly stable setup I have running is on 2.6.9 with linux-iscsi 


ps) The kernels in question are plain vanilla kernels from kernel.org, no 
extra patches.

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