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RE: need help -- "iSCSI session ioctl failed ... cannot allocate memory"

I am still in the installation phase.  I load the cisco driver using
driver-update-disk  as this is not available as boot time driver.  Yes I
have daemon statically compiled/linked on floppy.
Doing CTRL-ALT-F2  to go to the shell .  I tried to do modprobe crc32c &
md5  but I don't see those modules  when I type lsmod.  I can see the
iscsi_sfnet though.

Still getting the same error  in /tmp/syslog when I type #/sbin/iscsid,
daemon though gets the target name from discovery IP address .

What can I do next 

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Aggarwal, VikasX wrote:

> I am using  cisco iscsi initiator  and built it for
> kernel using the kernel-develop package from RHEL4.0 U2  CDs
> Do  I have to make sure that anaconda installer enabled these kernel 
> flags below. Not sure how to do that

     3. if CHAP is used MD5 support - md5
     4. if data or header digest are used - crc32c, libcrc32c

modprobe those modules. From the secret RHEL4 iscsi doc site 
http://people.redhat.com/mchristi/iscsi/RHEL4/doc/readme (this should be

in KB soon).

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