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Re: Compilation problem 2.6.9-11 - CentOS 4.1 - solved

Thanks Mike, I had not noticed that one.
I installed the libsys and libsys-devel packages and after this I was able to compile without a hitch and everything is working nicely.
Thanks again for the quick response.
/ Jimmy

On 9/28/05, Mike Christie <michaelc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jimmy Dansbo wrote:
> /root/linux-iscsi/Linux-i686/obj/daemon/iscsi-config.o daemon/iscsi-config.c
> daemon/iscsi-config.c:22:28: sysfs/libsysfs.h: No such file or directory


> Do any of you have an idea to what I am doing wrong?

I think you need a different version of libsysfs.

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