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/dev/iscsictl issue - modules not found

Hello list,

--Short Explanation--
Unable to find modules iscsi, and iscsi-sfnet, as well as iscsictl in /proc/devices.

Udev 056-3 Debian
Gcc 3.3.5.

--Long Explanation--
I am running Linux-iscsi on a Debian/Kernel system, with Udev 056-3 Debian. I can get it to compile ok, by running make KSRC=/usr/src/linux- and am able to load the modules compiled from the linux-iscsi distribution iscsi-tcp.ko and scsi-transport-iscsi.ko (Also included in my kernel config as modules) and all load ok. When I run /etc/init.d/iscsi start, it sits for a while, and nothing happens. iscsi-ls claims that the iscsi module is not loaded, and no network traffic is observed in ethereal. When running iscsid -d 2 -f -c /etc/iscsi.conf, the following output is generated:

1123732130.627317 >> iscsid[9079]: iSCSI debug level 2
1123732130.627348 >> iscsid[9079]: using configuration file -c
1123732130.627354 >> iscsid[9079]: InitiatorName=iqn.1987-05.com.cisco:01.bfb6c99ebf9
1123732130.627360 >> iscsid[9079]: InitiatorAlias=devel-server
1123732130.627374 >> iscsid[9079]: version 4:0.2 variant (15-Mar-2005)
1123732130.627518 >> iscsid[9079]: cannot open /dev/iscsictl: No such file or directory 1123732130.627552 >> iscsid[9079]: could not open control device /dev/iscsictl. Make sure iscsi is loaded

After examining /etc/init.d/iscsi, I find it reads /proc/devices to use mknod to create the iscsictl device. I dont have anything about iscsi in my proc devices file, and no trace of iscsi_sfnet or iscsi modules to be found anywhere on my system.

Thanks in advance for all your help,

Mike Misiewicz

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