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How to reconnect to iSCSI target ?

After getting some disk errors on a machine being used as an iSCSI target, i need to shutdown the machine to replace a disk. So, on the initiator, I commented out the relevant DiscoveryAddress in /etc/iscsi.conf and did a "service iscsi reload".

I then used this command to close the session (from the README):

The following file can be used to request shutdown of an iscsi session.

  shutdown - stop the iSCSI driver.
  # echo "shutdown" > /sys/class/scsi_host/hostX/shutdown

However, now I've replaced the disk and restarted the target, I'm having trouble getting the initiator to reconnect. I've uncommented the appropriate DiscoveryAddress line in /etc/iscsi.conf and tried several "service iscsi reload" commands, but the initiation will not reconnect to the target.

I've tested connecting from another machine configured as an initiator and it worked first time, so the problem is not on the target.

What am I doing wrong ? How can I reconnect to a target/restart a session after "shutting it down" ?


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