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Re: [linux-iscsi-users] Support for 64-bit

Mike Christie wrote:
Gruher, Joseph R wrote:


I work with SAN appliances that act as iSCSI targets. Our customers use the SourceForge iSCSI initiator when running Linux on clients.

I see support is present for Linux with the 2.4 and 2.6 kernel for 32-bit Intel architecture. I’ve also tested on processors with the Intel 64-bit extensions (“EM64T”) and the initiator works well there. I’m unclear on true 64-bit support and hoping someone can straighten me out – does the current initiator work with Intel Itanium (“IA64”) systems?

The current 2.6 kernel dirvers (4.X) should. I am not sure about all the different 2.4 kernel drivers (3.X) though.

oh wait, just let me add for 2.6 kernels that if you are using 64 bit userspace and 64 bit kernels then it should work. If you are using 32 bit userspace and 64 bit kernels then we need some compat ioctl code. That is in some versions (like in the 4.0 cvs tree, and SUSE rpms), but not in the main cvs tree or the tarballs.

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