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[linux-iscsi-users] DS300 and connection faiiled

I recently purchased an IBM DS300 and connected it to my Redhat 9
running kernel 2.4.20-18.9. and  iscsid version 3.4.4 ( 5-Nov-2004)

I see on my messages log every minute or so this message:

May 17 09:11:26 infinity iscsid[25243]: Connection to Discovery
Address failed
May 17 09:11:26 infinity iscsid[25243]: Connected to Discovery Address

but I can fsck the disk, copy data on it and so on.

It's actually connected, for testing purpose, on a 100 Mb HP switch
but I plan to connect iy directly to my server with a NeXtreme 1000 T.

Does this error means anything?

Emanuele Salvador

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