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[linux-iscsi-users] Sanrad iSCSI - Resources

Dear sourceforge.net Manager,

I found your web site appropriate to be included into our Resource Program.
Creating a relevant web directory can lead to increased international business cooperation and new business opportunities.

Please feel free to visit our web site at http://www.sanrad.com

Add our link to the most relevant page by copying the following HTML information:

<!-- Sanrad Link -->
<b><a href="http://www.sanrad.com"; title="iSCSI">iSCSI</a></b><br>
iSCSI storage solutions developed by IP SAN Company SANRAD: Secure and manageable, SANRAD's iSCSI and IP SAN solutions allow you to manage your IP storage network easily and effectively.<br>
<!-- Sanrad Link -->
You can also go to http://www.sanrad.com/iscsi.asp?IP-SAN=347 for more information. 
Once you have pasted our link on your website, kindly email me with your link title, URL and link description, and we will immediatly add your link to our site.

I'll be waiting for your kind answer and confirmation.

Best wishes,

Simon Gelfand
Compucall Ltd. On behalf of
Sanrad iSCSI Solutions

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I apologize if this email disturbs you. Please reply a blank email with the word "remove" on the subject line if you wish not to receive more information again.


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