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Re: [linux-iscsi-users] linux-iscsi-4.0.2 cannot allocate memory

Matt Van Wormer wrote:

I've had no problems with linux-iscsi-3.6.2 on our kernel 2.4, RH9 based machines.

I'm now trying to install linux-iscsi-4.0.2 on a 2.6, Gentoo-based  system.

I had small problems with compiling, which turned out to be due to gentoo's hardened-gcc enforcing position-independent code. I was able to compile with -nopie

When I start up the daemon, everything seems fine; dmesg shows that iscsi-sfnet has started.

When I try iscsi-ls, however, nothing shows up.

I ran the daemon again with -d 5, and errors began to fill the screen with this message for each of our 20+ targets:

May 9 05:45:47 pe750 iscsid[17700]: iSCSI session ioctl failed for iqn.2001-05.com.equallogic:6-8a0900-24bc00f01-18aff061c8e421b6-target- name, Cannot allocate memory: Cannot allocate memory

could you send the rest of the log.

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