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[linux-iscsi-users] newbie recommends README updates

I am a newbie trying to get linux-iscsi up and running.

I have some recommendations for the README document

1) Make 'compiled-in' support more explicit

Line 211 of the README file says:

  The iSCSI driver requires support in the 2.6 Linux kernel for
  the following modules.

I think that this should explicitly say something like 'compiled in' or
'built-in'. It seems to me that 'module support' is still support.

2) iscsi_transport_class -> scsi_transport_iscsi

The paragraph starting at Line 219 makes refereence to
iscs_transport_class. I could not find this in my 2.6.11 kernel
distribution, so I wasted time looking for it.

The name seems to have changed to scsi_transport_iscsi so the README
should be updated.

3) Line 231 make reference to a known bug in the 2.6 Linux kernel ...

Q: Is that bug still there?

4) The directions for applying the kernel patch on Line 352 should be clarified. With linux-iscsi-kernel-4.0.2.patch this will only work if your kernel source is in /usr/src/linux-2.6.10. Also, I am concerned about how this patch will behave on a 2.6.11 kernel where scsi_transport_iscsi.* is already included.

5) Starting at line 360 it talks about using configuring the kernel to either include/modularize iSCSI Driver support under SCSI low-level drivers. It makes no reference to SCSI transport attributes -> iSCSI transport attributes ... which I assume must also be turned on.

6) On my FC3 system with updated 2.6.10 kernel with gcc 3.4.2 I was unable to compile iscsi-session.c because strdup conflicted with a built-in. I globally changed strdup( -> strdupX( within iscsi-session.c and it compiled OK.

We should not call this strdup since it has a local/static implementation.

7) after 'make; make modules; make modules_install' it should say 'make install'

More later ...


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