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Re: [linux-iscsi-users] establish_session failed

Mike Christie wrote:
Dominik L. Borkowski wrote:

On Friday 08 April 2005 03:21 pm, Mike Christie wrote:


Using, it works when Multipath=no. But setting Multipath=portal
causes the same log problems I have with 4.0.2.

ah ok. Let me see. Is this the case for you too dom?

We haven't used multipath or portfailover options yet, and they're
commented out in our config files. Unless they are used by default, then
unfortunately no, it's not the same as our case.

In the older versions failover was on by default, so it may have looked
like everything was ok, but you may have just not failed back to the
paths that are sptting out the error messages below.

In the newer versions we do the equivalent of

Setting Multipath to no and Portfailover to no explicitly unfortunately did not solve this issue.

It shouldn't. In 4.0.2 we only support Multipath=yes and PortalFailover=no.

In 4.0.1 and cvs

If you try or below and you set

Does it work?

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