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Re: [linux-iscsi-users] establish_session failed

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Mike Christie wrote:

> Fredric Isaman wrote:
> >
> > I get the same results.  Doing just:
> > service iscsi start
> > (wait)
> > service iscsi stop
> >
> > After 3 minutes, the discovery session logs out,
> That part is fine and expected. It should happen for you.
>   and then every 3 min.
> > after that a "connection failed" message is logged.
> >
> For some reason some of your sessions are going ok but those two are
> not. I will revert some more code and post something else to try.
> In the past were you using the defualt multipath and failover settings?
> What was the last version that worked for you?

kernel with iscsi

The iscsi.conf I used with those was simply:


The iscsi.conf I am currently using is the same, but with the last line
commented out.


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