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[linux-iscsi-users] Multipath Expectations...



First let me thank you all for having such a nice iSCSI initiator.  I am using FC 2 with a 2.6.7 kernel and linux-iscsi


I have a SANRAD V-Switch 3000 with 2 ethernet portals eth1:  eth2:

On my Linux box I have 2 x 1GB NICs: and


I have them connected directly (with 2 x CAT6 cables) and it doesn’t appear to matter whether I use a normal or ???? ethernet cable.


I am able to ping both ports on the V-Switch 3000 just fine.  If I just have a simple iscsi.conf file describing either one of the two portals, I can mount the volumes I’ve made and run bonnie++ for results just fine.  But I’d like to know how to change the configuration file to support improved failover and throughput using both ports.  What would my iscsi.conf look like?  I tried something like this:





My system sees only one device (which I suppose is good) despite the two paths.  But during my bonnie++ testing, it looks like it uses the portal almost exclusively, with very occasional uses of  My expectation (if I had this setup correctly) would be that both ports would be going at the same time.  Now I know I didn’t include anything about using any multi-path or failover stuff, but that’s because when I added that stuff, I didn’t get any better results.  The only difference was a situation where the system as a whole would lockup if I was using some of the portals stuff.


Anyway, could someone calibrate me on my expectation of the linux-iscsi driver’s multi-path configuration and what the multi-path activity should look like?


BTW, for anyone interested, bonnie reports getting 82MB/s over my single 1GB connection.  I’d love to report my multiple portal rate when solved.


Thanks for your help,


Daniel J. Levine

Section Supervisor

Johns Hopkins University

Applied Physics Laboratory

443-778-3952 240-228-3952


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