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Re: Sync log replica process

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 11:56:48AM +0100, Michael Menge wrote:
> >So, my question is, is it necessary to process the "log-PID"
> >before sync the "log" file? Because in my test it looks like it's
> >not necessary.

> It depends on what actions where done while the syncornisation was down
> Cyrus does not log every changed mail, but in which mailbox mails
> where changed.
> So if log-13835 contains "MAILBOX user.gdatmgim.temp" and
> "MAILBOX user.gdatmgim" and he recieved new mails in the INBOX but
> did not change mails in the temp folder, the INBOX will be in sync
> without the log-13835, but not user.gdatmgim.temp".
> So the replication will at some point catch missed actions from unprocessed
> logs, but it can take some time (forever in worst case). On the other hand
> it does not harm to run old logs.

Thanks Michael, that's precisely right.  We (FastMail) always run old
logs first.  The advantage of doing it that way is that you will have
all the related folders for a COPY together, so avoid re-uploading the
message.  Also, making sure the first sync includes both folders from
any COPY means de-duplication will happen on the replica.

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