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Re: deleting top-level INBOX

On 02/21/12 22:23 +0200, Vilius Šumskas wrote:
>  I have accidently created top level "INBOX.Spam" mailbox in Cyrus. I
>  have managed to delete the Spam subfolder, but when deleting INBOX I
>  get:
>  localhost> dm INBOX
>  deletemailbox: Operation is not supported on mailbox
>  All needed permissions is there:
>  localhost> lam INBOX
>  cyrus lrswipkxtecda
>  Is there a way to delete this top-level INBOX?

INBOX has special meaning in IMAP, probably even for an administrator.
If your admin user is 'cyrus', then you may have a mailbox named
'user.cyrus' that appears as INBOX from within cyradm.

Try 'ctl_mboxlist -d' to get a second opinion on what the mailbox name is.
If you can't delete the mailbox by referencing it as 'INBOX' or as
'user.cyrus', then take a look at the 'cyr_dbtool' utility for manually
removing the mailbox entry from your mailboxes database.

Dan White
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