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Replication and INBOX rename in 2.4.12


I recently upgraded Cyrus from version 2.3.16 to 2.4.12 (using the wonderful
RPMs from INVOCA). Now, I ran into a bit of a problem with replication. From
time to time, a user thinks it a great idea to rename their INBOX in order to
save time in archiving old messages. Now, this screws up the replication - or
rather, replication code refuses to replicate an INBOX rename. With the earlier
version, all I had to do was to delete the user's complete mailbox hierarchy
from the replica's mailboxes.db and then replicate the user by hand
(sync_client -u username), and that's it - the current state of the user's
mailbox hierarchy gets replicated, with no mention about any INBOX renames

With the current version, however, this doesn't work - something appears to
remember that there was an INBOX rename in the queue somewhere, and no matter
what I do, I get the error message

Jan 18 12:06:05 pcn2 i16/sync_client[3296]: do_folders(): failed to rename: user.<censored> -> user.<censored>.Inbox-2009-2011 
Jan 18 12:06:05 pcn2 i16/sync_client[3296]: IOERROR: The remote Server(s) denied the operation
Jan 18 12:06:05 pcn2 i16/sync_client[3296]: Error in do_user(<censored>): bailing out!

What to do, how to circumvent this problem in the current version? I'd really
like to be able to be able to start replicating a user's mailbox and metadata
again, even if they have renamed their INBOX sometime in the past.

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