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Migrating Cyrus Servers


I am in the process of changing hardware, and want to migrate all my 
processes from one server to another. Most of it went ok, till I hit a 
wall with Cyrus.

The old server was running under Ubuntu 10.04, the new one Ubuntu 11.04, 
with their respective Postfix and Cyrus versions.

I reinstalled Postix, Cyrus and SASL, amavasd and other protection 
goodies from the ubuntu repository. I copied my different config files 
from the old server to the new one, as well as the entire mail archive 

Both Postfix and Cyrus servers are running ok, authentication works as 
well (tested with imtest), however when cheking the mail.log, I only see 
authentication against localhost and not the domain...

Furthermore, when connecting through a client (roundcube), connection 
goes through but no mailbox is encountered (ERROR message) but lets you 
in anyway.

Any idea where I have gone wrong ?


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