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RE: migration and seen flag

> Oh, if you've already moved the mailbox and the seen file hasn't
> been moved yet... yeah, that's messy :(
> The main problem is that the seen file is indexed by UNIQUEID
> rather than mailbox name, otherwise you could just copy-paste
> the sequence out and run
> TAG UID STORE <paste> +Flags \Seen
> via IMAP after selecting each folder.
> But I suspect you have hundreds of these folders? You can get
> the UNIQUEID from the cyrus.header file to script it. You can
> use cyr_dbtool from the new cyrus to dump the file and then
> use perl or something to munge the data. NOTE: you need to be
> able to log in to imap as the user themselves, otherwise you'll
> be setting the wrong seen flags.
> Possible cheap-n-nasty workaround is to use an admin connection
> and switch each mailbox to sharedseen, apply the flags, then
> switch it back.

To be clear, here is my scenario;

I have 8000 user accounts, 40+Gigs of email on a 2.1.17 server.  They all seem to be using .seen files stored in /var/lib/imap/user/u/user.seen files.  The mailspool is in /var/spool/imap/u/user/user

If I copy the contents of /var/lib/imap/user/[a-z]/* and /var/spool/imap/[a-z]/* to a new server, create accounts beforehand on the new server, then reconstruct -r -f each account, on a 2.3.16 installation this works.  I continue to read the .seen files as I am learning that this mecanism was still present in 2.3.x

If I do this on a 2.4.13 server, however, the seen data is lost.

Perhaps I have to upgrade to 2.3 first and then to 2.4?

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