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Re: rooling replication and many pop3d

Thank you all,
I wiil do analysis to verify the problem about storage.
By Obe.

On 24/11/2011 14:17, Andy Bennett wrote:
> Hi,
>>> What IO subsystem do you have on this machine? What filesystem are you
>>> using?
>> I have  4 HDD 500GB S SATA II
>> with LSI 8704 ELP SAS
>> RAID 6
>> filesystem ext3 mounted with noatime, nodiratime
>> this my vmstat after I run the command   find -type f | xargs cat>
>> /dev/null  :
>> http://www.digicolor.net/cyrus/img7.jpg
> This is a very sad set of numbers. :-( It's still really, really choppy
> and the dead spots don't seem to correlate particularly well with bo
> activity.
> Have you got someone who can help you debug your storage array and
> ensure that it's not degraded in some way? Is the battery empty? Are
> there any disks which are failing? Do all the disks have their write
> caches and retry handling set up correctly?
> How old is your file system? Have you been running it near capacity
> (>70% full) for long periods of time?
> You might be able to tell whether you have a file system problem or an
> array problem by comparing your previous vmstat with the results
> obtained from 'sudo /sbin/haparm -tT /dev/<spool dev>'. For reference,
> on my disk I get:
> -----
> $ sudo /sbin/hdparm -tT /dev/sda
> /dev/sda:
>   Timing cached reads:   3272 MB in  2.00 seconds = 1637.05 MB/sec
>   Timing buffered disk reads:  194 MB in  3.02 seconds =  64.18 MB/sec
> -----
> I'd certainly not expect anything less from your array. I'd hope for at
> least 100MB/sec if not a lot more.
> Regards,
> @ndy

Oberdan Albertoni


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