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Re: I need how change my admin pass in the cyrus server.

On 10/11/11 17:04 +0100, Manuel Vazquez wrote:
>I'm newbie administrator of the cyrus imap server. I dont know how the
>admin user of my cyrus server has change the password. I need know how is
>the mechanism to change the password or where are storage the same to
>change this password.

Authentication of your users is dependant on your sasl_* configuration. Can
you paste your /etc/imapd.conf configuration, or at least the sasl_* lines?

One common scenario is to maintain your users with saslpasswd2, which
modifies /etc/sasldb2. If you have 'sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop'
configured, then that's a likely possibility.

If 'sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd' is configured, see the man page for
saslauthd for details about how your users are authenticating.

>To other side i need know how the admin cyrus password are change without
>make human intervention.

The answer to that will depend on your sasl configuration.

Dan White
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