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RE: Oauth blog post

> From: Glen Zorn [glenzorn@xxxxxxxxx]
> I suppose that that may be one reason why my experiences with
> corporate manipulation (or domination, if you prefer) of the IETF have
> been of people with those very reputations blocking good ideas that
> threatened the interests of their employer.  It's pretty hard to get
> things done in the IETF, but quite easy to stop things, especially if
> one is in a position of power.

If we're doing things right, people who do that should pay a price in
reputation, which will cause them to be excluded from power.

My observation is that the place where an employer can gain leverage
is by being willing to allow employees to spend time as WG chairs,
etc.  We need a lot of chairs, and there seems to be a shortage of
people who are allowed to spend the time to be good chairs.  That
makes it harder to exclude people who excessively promote their
employer's parochial interests.


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