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Re: Affirmation of the Modern Global Standards Paradigm

Greetings again. At the plenary last night, Russ said that the expected signatories are those three organizations and hopefully other SDOs. People active in SDOs other than those three were encouraged to try to get those additional SDOs to sign the final wording.

However, it seems like many other organizations could strongly support the document and possibly want to do so publicly by becoming signatories. There is nothing at the bottom that says "The following SDOs are signatories". Is there any intention of letting organizations that are not SDOs become signatories? For example, the VPN Consortium (which explicitly does no standards development, but tests systems that are based on the standards from the IETF) strongly supports what is in this document and would want to be a signatory if that was available. I imagine other consortia, and probably even vendors, would also want to be signatories. It would be useful to hear what non-SDOs who support these principles can do to either become signatories or to support the document when it is signed by SDOs.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium

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