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Re: Making the Tao a web page

On 6/3/12 2:46 PM, John C Klensin wrote:
Also, perhaps because I have a more vivid (or paranoid)
imagination than you do, I can think of a lot more than four
individuals who would be inclined to wreck the party.

This, I think, is the show-stopper.  Back when the internet started
to become popular a well-known open access advocate put his system,
which had a passwordless root account, online, and it was basically
vandalized immediately, then vandalized again, and again, and again,
until he finally surrendered.  I really prefer to keep things as
open as possible and I would love it if the Tao were a wiki article,
but transitioning to that model would essentially mean making a
commitment for the life of the page to keeping a very close eye on
it with a quick response to vandalism.

I also think that enough of our process is actually disputed to make
a living document hard to handle.  At least with an RFC we can say
"this is what we thought it was on a given date, with considerable
review prior to publication."


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