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RE: Is the IETF aging?

> From: Hannes Tschofenig [hannes.tschofenig@xxxxxxx]
> In the telecommunication industry you have also seen a lot of layoffs over
> the last 10 years and so there are rarely young people around in these
> companies anymore (because they either got fired or left the company
> voluntarily).

... or weren't hired in the first place.

If a company has no higher head-count now than 10 years ago, the only
young people who have been hired were hired because they were cheaper
than the older people who have been laid off.  People like that often
either leave for better opportunities, or aren't up to standards work.

For that matter, is the network industry growing?  Almost all IETF
work is at layers 3 to 6; what has been the consumption of new people
in those parts of the industry?


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