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IAOC and permissions [Re: Future Handling of Blue Sheets]

Dear IAOC,

I suggest that your standard dealings with local hosts should
include requiring them to perform a local check on whether the
standard "Note Well" takes account of all local legal requirements,
including for example consent to publication of images. If it doesn't,
the host should provide an augmented "Note Well" for use during
meeting registration.

>From the recent discussion, this needs to be done for sure for
IETF 87.

   Brian Carpenter

On 2012-04-25 00:30, John C Klensin wrote:
> --On Tuesday, 24 April, 2012 18:19 -0500 "James M. Polk"
> <jmpolk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> IETF 87 is in Germany (15 months from now), so we'd better
>> solve this issue soon, I should think.
> The IESG and IAOC are invited to take my comments on the
> situation as an appeal against the decision to hold that meeting
> unless either the situation can be clarified with counsel to the
> degree that we understand that Martin's concerns are not
> applicable, that appropriate permission language and permissions
> can be clarified with Counsel so that a binding between
> registration and permission is possible and used, or that a
> community consensus call demonstrates that the community
> believes that the "just make lists" plan is preferable to having
> the option to take pictures.
> And that is my last comment on the subject unless I have to
> formalize such an appeal.
>    john
> .

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