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Re: Future Handling of Blue Sheets

On 2012-04-24 10:06, Ersue, Mehmet (NSN - DE/Munich) wrote:
>> I don't have an objection to this data being collected, only
>> to it being made public without a good reason.
> +1

IMNSHO, having the IETF process not only open but also clearly
*seen* to be open is a very good reason. I assume that's why
RFC 2026 recommends publishing the list of attendees in the minutes.

As for the problem of people who refuse to sign the blue sheet
or who sign with a false name, I think we have to accept that
as the price of avoiding draconian measures that nobody would
like. The same goes for remote participants who use nicknames.

BTW, I don't think that anyone trying to evade IPR rules would
sign in as "Minnie Mouse" because there is IPR all over that name.


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