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Re: Future Handling of Blue Sheets

On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 11:59 PM, Brian E Carpenter
> It's only a "should" but when did you last see WG minutes with a list
> of attendees? In the old days of hard copy proceedings, I seem to
> remember the blue sheets being included sometimes as the lazy way
> of satisfying this rule.

We included the attendees in the minutes for the RTCWEB interim, held
in January of this year:


We do not do it for the plenary meetings, because I believed (and I
believe others believed) that the attendee list and blue sheets
together took care of this requirement.  If these need to be
aggregated, then I would personally go back to the "lazy way" you
describe--a scan of the blue sheets included as part of the
proceedings associated with the plenary.  I see no reason for more
state than that.


Ted Hardie

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