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IETF.Fact.Check - .COM .NET .ORG Legacy DNS vs Peer-2-Peer DNS


IETF.Fact.Check - .COM .NET .ORG Legacy DNS vs Peer-2-Peer DNS

1. The .COM .NET .ORG ICANN (IANA) U.S. Department of Commerce
contracts are coming up for renewal.[1]

2. The Legacy Client-Server DNS is OUT-DATED and highly monetized for

3. Netizens clearly prefer True.Internet.Technology with a Peer-2-Peer

4. Peer-2-Peer DNS and Virtual Currency are finally gaining
market-share with BitCoin and NameCoin using Bit.Throttles.[2]

5. Migration of existing .COM and .NET owners to Peer-2-Peer DNS
negates the need for .COM and .NET contract renewals.

6. Migration of existing .ORG owners to Peer-2-Peer DNS appears to be
a waste of time.****

7. Peer-2-Peer DNS begins with Digital.Wallets and many companies are
working on variations and services.[3]

ZOOM://IETF.Fact.Check - It does not appear that the IETF has any
current interest in Peer-2-Peer DNS

**** ZOOM://IETF.Fact.Check - The .ORG contract renewal could impact
the ISOC (IETF) and a $34,000,000 annual donation from the PIR (set up
by the ISOC). People with $600,000 annual non-profit compensation
packages may oppose any changes.


[1] http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-27mar12-en.htm

[2] http://bittco.yolasite.com

[3] http://code.google.com/p/bitcoin-wallet/

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