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Re: provisioning software, was DNS RRTYPEs, the difficulty with

On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 01:10:24PM +1100,
 Mark Andrews <marka@xxxxxxx> wrote 
 a message of 45 lines which said:

> Randy claimed that presentation formats were not standardised.  They
> are.  Randy and others claimed that the presentation formats were
> owned by BIND and they are not.

A better description of the situation would be "there is a standard
format, standardized in section 5 of RFC 1035 and in many other RFC
for new RR types" and "its standard description is quite poor, with
many unspecified things, so, in practice, a zone file accepted by a
compliant implementation may not always work with another". Today, the
IESG would never accept the sloppy language of RFC 1035.

Also, some programs added non-standard extensions to this format (such
as BIND's $TTL).
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