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Re: provisioning software, was DNS RRTYPEs, the difficulty with

>> Input -P-> DNS server -D-> DNS stub -Q-> Output
>> P is the provisioning
> I think you want to break that into the provisioning interface and the data
> format it produces that the DNS server consumes. (My reason for that is we have
> a specification for at least such format, with all that implies.)

I was also going to mention that.  There's a lot of different formats for
zone file data, with BIND-ish master files being only one of them.

>> We seem to believe that the "D" part is deployed so that adding new "unknown"
>> RRTypes is not an issue.
> I think this is correct, but OTOH someone recently asked about possible issues
> in this area, and if I remember correctly, received no response.

Last month I ran into a guy on the dmarc list who complained that
his server returns NOTIMP in response to queries for SPF records ("because
it doesn't implement them") and clients were doing odd things.  But it's
been a long time since I've run into anyone else like that, so I agree,
it's not an issue.

>> Problem is then in "P" and "Q".
> I personally don't see a big problem with "Q", but others clearly do so
> we need to leave it in.

I'm not aware of problems, but I don't use Windows which is where the
problems are supposed to be.

Exactly - neither do I. (Well, OK, I have a Windows laptop at work to handle
the company HR stuff that won't work in anything other than IE, but I try
really, really hard never to use it.)

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