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Re: provisioning software, was DNS RRTYPEs, the difficulty with

Alessandro Vesely wrote:

Why is it important what the DNS manager cares about?  Parsers,
including null parsers, would come with the same sub-package that
enables the new RR type definition.  Their complexity would only
matter to the people who read/maintain their sources.


PS: For anyone who didn't read my previous message, I am NOT saying
that it's fine to overload everything into TXT.  I am saying that new
RRTYPEs that are text blobs interpreted by client software wouldn't
necessarily be bad.

Agreed.  That doesn't preclude syntax checking on loading the zone,

As a Windows shop, there is no hiding of the long product development battles between the *nix weenies world and the WinDoze world. At a general level, the WinDoze world is not one that is use to and relies on text based "editors" configuration, they need the GUI. I even recourse getting a private message suggesting my customers must be "stupid."

Nonetheless, to reach critical mass, it is important the GUI is developed for this stuff. I can't rely on customers becoming text editor people if that is the only way to make this work. They only way I could even begin to offer DKIM, ADSP and even now ATPS is to provide a GUI, like this public version we have here for ADSP and ATPS


Just consider that ATPS has SHA1, BASE32 functions to produce the records. That adds complexity for any DNS server manager (Windows or Bind) to consider. Its just not a plug and play consideration. Its probably easier for the ISP Web-based managers since its more of an add-on to there current DNS software, using command line tools to act on GUI posted information.

Hector Santos, CTO

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